How to Track 'Add App' Button Conversion in Facebook Ads

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Hi there, we own multiple Shopify Apps that are live in the Shopify App Store. I'm looking for a solution to track the 'Add App' button (whenever someone clicks), in Facebook Ads [see attached image]. Taking this one step further, is there any way to track the number of actual Installs in Facebook? I've linked our Facebook Pixel to the Shopify App Settings, are the Conversion Events [see 2nd attached image] automatically imported & relevant to Shopify Ads & conversion tracking?


1. 'Add App' button



2. Conversion Events in FB, are these for Shopify?



Thanks everybody!



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Hi had this same problem,


This is a facebook events manager question really - once you have confirmed the pixel is correctly installed on the shopify page, migrate to facebook events manager and using the "events setup tool" - setup the "add app" conversion to correspond to one of those facebook standard events you pictured in your second image.

This is working for us!

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Does it work with other languages? As far as I see it only tracks the ones with English language and misses the others.

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the events setup tool is not showing up for me - is this a known problem?