How to track download source for Shopify App Store app

How to track download source for Shopify App Store app

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Wondering how to track the download source for shopify app store leads coming into our platform.


Their journey goes like this: from the shopify app store.-> our merchant portal website (where the actual app signup takes place)


Was wondering how other app publishers are tracking the conversion source between two links like this, I have google analytics setup on the shopify app store listing currently tracking standard events like: button click etc.


I also have Google analytics properly tracking on our webapp, but conversions don't retain the utm sourcing that they get for the shopify app store listing page. 

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Hi, @jpmakhijani.


Rio here from the Shopify Community team. 


Tracking the download source for Shopify App Store leads can be done by implementing UTM parameters in your links. You can use this over the custom button click set up.


To track the conversion source between the Shopify App Store and your merchant portal website, you can add UTM parameters to the links in your Shopify App Store listing. This way, when a user clicks on the link and lands on your merchant portal website, the UTM parameters will be retained and can be tracked in Google Analytics.


Here's an example of how you can add UTM parameters to your links:

Original link:

Modified link with UTM parameters:

In this example, "utm_source=shopifyappstore" indicates that the source of the traffic is the Shopify App Store, "utm_medium=listing" indicates that the medium is the app listing, and "utm_campaign=appname" indicates the name of your app.

Rio | Shopify 
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We are sending traffic directly to our app's Shopify page through Google Ads or other paid sources. Users click on the "Add App" button and are redirected to our app's onboarding page. We want to track the the source of installs in our shopify app store listing. In GA4, all the installs are showing "direct" sources and not from the ads.


Thanks in advance!