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How to Upsell Subscriptions

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With the new subscription features Shopify has, we've built out an integration between PayWhirl Recurring Payments and our app, Upsell Wizard. Now you can upsell one-time purchases and subscriptions based on products your customers are already buying.

Upsell Wizard App:
PayWhirl App: 

Here's a video we put together about how to set it up:

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Is it possible to use these two apps to do the following?

  1. To set up 3 subscription services. Let's just say tiers A, B, and C. 
  2. When someone opts in to Tier B or C, we want them to have 3 months of access to Tier A. 
  3. Before that 3 months is up we want to remind them and sell them into continued membership at level A. 
  4. If someone opts into level A first then decides to UPGRADE to level B or C, we want them to get 3 months of level A for free.