How to use Script editor for tiered discount

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to use script editor with pre-written code to create a tiered discount on specific products in my store but I'm not a coder by trade so editing it to do exactly what I need is hard.

When using the tiered discount code it takes the tiered amount off each product based on the cart subtotal. What I need is for the tiered amount to be base on each individual line item. The discount would be $100 for every $1000 spent (on specific chairs).

For example,

Chair 1 is $2995 so the discount would be $200.

Chair 2 is $4299 so the discount would be $400.

When doing the tiered code it reads it as 'any cart subtotal over $4000, take $400 off each item'.

Is there a way to adjust the code to make it apply to each line item instead of the entire thing based on the tiers?


Hopefully this made sense! lol


Thanks for any help!

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From what I see in the examples for the script editor app, there's a tab for creating a script template for line items, which apply to individual items in the cart.

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I know there are Tiered Discounts app on the Shopify app store. You mentioned you are not a coder. Have you considered using one of those apps instead?