How to use the carrier API for a Shopify app development?

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Hello Guys,

I am working on a shipping app for a store(first time developing a Shopify app). I would like to create a carrier service with my endpoint of choice which will return the rate for orders. I have set up the app as per the documentation using the recommended configuration, I have then proceeded to add the following script in app.js



const shopify = new Shopify({

  shopName: '',

  apiKey: 'xxxxxxxxx0b21fe0b2c6cce561a9', // used client ID from the plugin set up page on the partner

  password: 'xxxxxxxxxxef185ecb5b55a715d96', // Used client secret from the plugin set up page on the partner

  // Or use the access token if using OAuth

  // accessToken: 'your-access-token',




shopify.carrierService.create({   name: 'Aspiring International Shipping',   callback_url: '',   service_discovery: true, });



Now I can install the app in my store, in development mode but I am not getting the request payload on API endpoint, I am not sure if the carrier service was created and cannot assess if the script ran successfully. I am finding different solutions some involving using Postman but it is not proving successful. Any comment or guidance will be much appreciated

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