I am looking Delivery app by warehouse Locations

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I am looking for an app to inform customers of the delivery date by shopify warehouse locations.


Example 1.
Main Locations - same day despatch when ordered by 3pm
Locations 2 - Shipping 3-5 days 
Locations 3 - Shipping 7-10 days 
Locations 4 - Shipping 12-14 days 
If a part is on the Main warehouse then the availability should display (same day despatch when ordered by 3pm), but if someone buys and the next piece is on warehouse 4 then it should automatically update to 12-14 days).
Is such a thing possible?
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 @HeviTech ,  I think your delivery can achieved using shopify TAGs. But here is a case do you have same product on multiple warehouse and based on the nearest location you ship the product from specific warehouse. 


If you are really interested discussing solution and further developing. let's connect 


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I think you can display the delivery dates at checkout using our app JsRates - based on the origin information Shopify assigns to the order. This might become a bit trickier when the order contains items from different warehouses; though, we would likely find a custom solution for this. If you are keen, please install the app and reach out to support team using "Contact support" in the app. We will test and validate this in the demo plan before you upgrade to the paid plan. Please note that you will need third-party carrier calculated rates activated on your store to use JsRates at checkout. 

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Hello @HeviTech,


Steller Delivery Date & pickup is an app designed to dynamically handle delivery date information and pickup options. It allows you to set different delivery timelines based on various criteria, including location and inventory status.

  • Features:

    • Customize delivery times based on warehouse locations.
    • Display estimated delivery dates directly on product pages.
    • Integrates with Shopify inventory to check stock levels and locations.
    • Automatically updates delivery estimates based on real-time stock changes.


  • How It Works:

    • You can set rules for each warehouse location, specifying different delivery times.
    • The app checks the inventory at each location and displays the appropriate delivery estimate based on the availability of the product.
    • For instance, if a product is available in the main warehouse, it will show "same-day despatch when ordered by 3 pm." If the next available unit is in a distant warehouse, it will update to show "12-14 days."

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