I can't test my offline payment extension

I can't test my offline payment extension

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I'm creating an offline payment extension following this guide, but I'm encountering issues while trying to test it. In my project, I modified the shopify.app.toml file to add some scopes. Then, I ran shopify app deploy. The command detected the scope changes and deployed the app.

However, when I check the Dashboard, my app hasn't been updated; the scopes and settings remain unchanged.

I've noticed that each time I deploy, the app generates a new version, but none of these versions are active (the active version is the initial version created when I first set up the app).

I already try with this solution but it doesnt work.
I'm using shopify cli  version 3.61.2 

Additionally, when I ran shopify app dev, it ran with the active version, so I wasn't able to test my app with all the new changes.

Could someone help me ? 
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