I changed my product review app and it’s still showing my old app instead of the new one.

I changed my product review app and it’s still showing my old app instead of the new one.

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I’ve seen old posts from 2020 on how to fix it but they don’t work and it isn’t the same. How do I change this need help ASAP. Need old reviews gone so I can use new reviews. 

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Hello @Joseg,

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If you changed the product review app in your Shopify store but still see the old app instead of the new one, you can follow these steps to fix the problem.

- Make sure you installed the new product review app correctly. Go through the installation instructions provided by the app developer and ensure that you followed all the steps accurately.

- Sometimes, the browser saves old information and shows outdated content. By clearing the cache, you can make sure you're seeing the latest changes. Try clearing your browser's cache and then reload the page to see if the new app appears.

- Once you've installed the new app, check its settings to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Look for any options related to displaying reviews and make sure they are enabled or configured properly.

- If you made any custom changes to your theme, it's possible that the old app's code is still present in the theme files. Take a look at your theme's code and search for any references to the old app. Remove or update any code related to the old app, and save the changes to reflect the new app.

- Reach out to the support team of the new product review app you installed. They can provide you with specific guidance based on their app's features and assist you in troubleshooting the issue further.

- Some apps require a specific integration process with Shopify. Check if there are any additional steps needed after installing the app, such as syncing or refreshing the app's connection with your Shopify store. Follow the instructions provided by the app developer to ensure that the integration is up to date.

Let me know if you require any further guidance.


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