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I need a app to for tracking specific order fulfilment by which staff member

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I sell digital goods which are delivered via people. I need these things

1. a way to show delivery staff ONLY unfulfilled orders. 
2. a way for staff to "capture" a order so other staff cannot see it, but it is not fulfilled yet.
3. Showing which staff, fulfilled what order. And some calculation for the value of their total orders fulfilled, so I can calculate commission.

1 & 2 is not necessary but it would be great if there was an app that can do that.
I don't want to intergrate zapier or any third-party exporting apps like gsheets or airtable due to possible downtimes and most costs.
Please let me know if anyone has any ideas thanks!

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You want to have the following points need to be done:-
1) Way to assign the product to the staff so that order with that product arrives, it should be shown to that staff.
2) The order of the staff should not be seen by the other staff members.
3) Need to give commissions to the staff members based on the order delivered.

For this we need a custom app for you which will do all things, can you please follow things:-
a) What is the commission process you want to have or how you will perform calculations?
b) A single product can be delivered by 2 staff members in a different order.