I need a way to limit the number of items that can be added to a cart

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I am looking for a way to limit the number of items someone can add to a cart. I am using the Debut theme. I have a few use cases for this - 

1. When we run sales with limited inventory, we want people to only be able to buy 1 of each specific product.  This is something I can solve with a variety of apps, and I have tried Infinite Options, Order Limits, and Mincart.  None of them meet the second requirement.

2. All the above options, if they do work at all, only throw a warning upon checkout.  This creates a problem by allowing customers to see our inventory levels. All they need to do is add a crazy high value to a product, and by default the site will change their cart to whatever number we have in stock.  This is a cheap way for people to see that inventory and we want to block it.  In the past we had used 3DCart and it would easily allow you to limit the number of products that could be added to a cart, so if someone tried to add 1000 pieces to see the inventory, it would tell them you can only add up to 20 and it would not allow them to see the remaining stock.  None of the above apps seem to do this.  I have installed and configured each of them and they all still allow someone to find the inventory level.

Any suggestions?

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Anyone?  Still looking for some help on this if anyone has any suggestions.

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This can be done with the custom code. Let me know if interested. 

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Hey @FourHorsemen,

You can technically use Intuitive Shipping for this by creating Conditions based on quantities for these products. At checkout, the customer would see whatever message you want them to, which would be defined in the "description" setting for the shipping method. You would want to book a call with our team to get this configured since it's not the most common use case, but it is absolutely doable. 


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