I Need to allow only a certain segment to see certain products or collections with separate pricing

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Hello all and thank you in advance for any feedback and/or guidelines you can provide.



We cater both to the retail and professional skin care market.


We need to be able to implement the following:



1A.  A professional customer should be able to see additional collections and/or products that the rest of the customers are not able to view or have access to. 


1B.  The professional customer should be able to have separate pricing on the products


Playing around I found out that the professional customer can be identified throuh segmentation  

I also believe that it would be good to have the professional customer login to the site.  Perhaps once they receive the login credentials and login the first time they can be moved automatically to the segment?


 Is there a way through shopify or through an app that the above 1A and 1B  can be achieved?


Thank you again for your feedback.






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First segment details we can't access on frontend liquid.


Segments can be used to provide automatic discount for specific users.


But all your requirement can be achieved by doing custom code in theme.


I am currently working on this idea of creating retail and wholesale users.


Where wholesale user will have different menus and product which will not available to retail users.


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