I Want To Connect Excell Sheet To Product Price!

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List Their Prices On Excel Sheet. (They All Should Have Different Excel Sheet For Entry)




That Excel Sheet Will Have Different Prices From Different Sellers.




Price's Will Be Display On Website From Lowest




View Asks, View Bids, View Sales

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Hi @Mitesh3 


Hi @Mitesh3 


Here is a summary of the key steps (in my opinion) to set up a multi-vendor auction system with seller price lists on Shopify:


1. Each seller maintains their own Excel sheet with prices for their products. They should all use a standard format to facilitate importing into Shopify.

2. Use a Shopify app for Product Auction to enable auctions on your store's products. This app allows you to create auctions and manage buyer bids.

3. Regularly import the sellers' Excel price sheets into Shopify using the product CSV import functionality. You can update prices of existing product variants by including the Handle, Option1 Value, Option2 Value, Option3 Value and Variant Price columns in your CSV file.

4. Configure your theme to display the lowest price from each seller for a given product. This will likely require custom theme development and code to dynamically sort and display the prices.

5. Add custom sections to your product pages to allow customers to "View Asks", "View Bids" and "View Sales". This will also require custom theme development.

6. Consider using an app like "Fomo" to display live notifications of recent auctions, bids and sales to create a sense of urgency and engagement.

7. Set up Shopify price lists for each seller to manage their wholesale prices. Price lists can be created manually or imported via CSV. Assign companies (sellers) to the relevant price lists.

8. Use an app like "Tipo Product Auction" to enable proxy bidding, where the system automatically bids on behalf of the buyer up to their maximum bid amount. This makes the auction process more convenient.


In summary, while Shopify does not have built-in functionality for this type of multi-vendor auction setup, it is possible to achieve by combining Excel sheets, CSV imports (and there is very powerful solutions to import CSV in Shopify), third-party apps, and custom theme development.

It will require technical effort but can enable the type of experience you described.

I'd say it's a big job 🙂

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Hey Bro Thanks For This Message I Really Appreciate You I Have Website For Eg:- https://www.culture-circle.com/ This One Has Shown Multiple Sellers Price To Their Product Page Is There Any App For This Our How Can I Achieve This??