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Hello all,

First post and looking for a little advice

We have been using Touch office epos for face to face sales and this was linked to shopify with the ICRTouch Connect webshop app. but Shopify is going to remove this app in a couple of months.

Our epos provider has recommended switching to another cart which does support this app.

Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have suggestions for another epos that does integrate with shopify?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I'm in the same sticky situation as you. ICRTouch is the worse POS company to try and work with. There are several options, either change to Woocommerce, which means a total rebuild of the entire website, change the integration to a middleware company like Deliverect which adds an additional cost of like £79pm but I'm not sure how the inventory levels will sync, or change the POS system completely. For me, the Deliverect option will be the best option with the least amount of disruption or changing the POS system.


Which industry are you in and what do you sell?