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I am looking for an app that can fulfill the requirement of an image based on the tag. We wanna like we have some images and for each image, we will give one tag. While listing the product we will add only a tag then automatically image will come in the image section. For instance, below I have a product then you can see there are six boxes for images of the product. If I will add the "TAPAS" tag then automatically one image like the bag image should come in the empty image box. 






We want this functionality because our team members upload different images of products. So we want to apply tag-based when my team member adds a tag then the image automatically will come in the image box.

So is there anyone who can suggest to me Shopify App which providing this feature. Thanks in advance.


Thanks & Regards,

Jyoti Bangar






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Hi @Jyoti_Bangar 

As per your requirement, Select/add an image automatically based on the tag selection on the product is not available.  I have checked and there is no app available in the marketplace to match your requirement. So it needs to be codded custom/private app for your requirement. 


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