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Importing/display WordPress page and blog posts in Shopify

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Hi! Coming from a WordPress background, copying and paste WordPress pages (with responsive columns, images, etc.) into the very limited WYSIWYG editor in Shopify just isn't working, and page building apps seem super expensive with their page limits.


Splitting to a sub-domain for blog/ is terrible for SEO and creates a broken site flow.


Does anyone here know a way to display/import modern page builder pages from WordPress into Shopify, without building custom sections in the theme for each part or rebuilding everything in a $99/mo page building app?





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Hey there, here is an app that would help you and you can use Matrixify app and you can  check by visiting that link Migrate Blog Posts and Pages from WordPress to Shopify - Matrixify App  and follow the given steps: 


  1. Export your WordPress Blog Posts or Pages using the All Export” plugin to the CSV file.
  2. Rename the CSV file to contain words “WordPress” and “Posts” or “Pages” depending on what you are migrating, for example, “WordPress-Posts-Export-2019-September-23-1638.csv“.
  3. Upload file in the Matrixify app.
  4. Select Import options – select “Dry-run” and fill Old server URL
  5. Download Matrixify generated files.
  6. Upload the image files to your Settings -> Files section in Admin.
  7. Double-check the generated Excel file and clean-up any information if needed (if you did a dry-run).
  8. Import your Excel file in the Matrixify app to create your Blog Posts or Pages (if you did a dry-run).
  9. Check your Import Results file after the import.
  10. Enjoy your migrated data.


As well as, For customizing pages and theme, then may I suggest using Layoutbase Page Builder ( Thanks

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Hello @yalass 


Renars here from Matrixify app.

Thank you for suggesting the use of the Matrixify app @sallyjohnson 


You sure can migrate WordPress Post and Pages data to Shopify with our app by following our tutorial.


If you have any questions or issues along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly!

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