Importing loyalty points using phone number

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We're trying to convert from Lightspeed POS to Shopify but we've used customer names and phone numbers instead of emails to track points. So we don't have emails for most of our customers. Is there a loyalty points app that can be used with Shopify that can use customer phone numbers instead of emails so we don't lose all our customers' loyalty point data?

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You may be luckier if you post this question in the Customers subforum:


I'd like to know as well. As far as I know, although customer accounts can be created and imported with only the phone number in Shopify, the customers would still need the email address to access the account (and eventually redeem the points).


I'm also not sure of how a 'phone' account can be added an email address, other than an admin action, or if an app can provide this functionality.

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