Improving Visibility on Upcoming Subscription Orders in Shopify

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I'm currently facing a challenge with the Shopify Subscriptions App, particularly in terms of managing and forecasting our subscription orders. We provide options for 3, 4, and 6-week subscriptions, and as our number of active contracts has grown, so has the complexity of tracking upcoming orders. At present, the process involves navigating to each customer's contract individually within the subscriptions app backend, which is far from efficient.


The main issue lies in the unpredictability of daily subscription orders, which are processed at 10:00 AM each day. This unpredictability hampers our ability to plan effectively, impacting both operational efficiency and financial forecasting.


I'm seeking a solution that could offer a consolidated view of all upcoming orders on a day-to-day basis, leveraging the creation date and subscription timeframe data. The goal is to streamline the process, enabling better planning and forecasting of expected income.


I've considered that an app like Recharge might provide the functionality we're looking for. However, I'm yet to confirm this and am concerned about the costs associated with migrating to a paid app like Recharge. Currently, one of the major advantages of sticking with the Shopify subscription app is the absence of additional costs.


I would greatly appreciate any confirmation on whether Recharge or another tool could indeed meet our needs, and how it compares in terms of cost-effectiveness and features to the Shopify Subscriptions App. Insights on managing the transition and any potential impacts on our operations would also be valuable.


Thank you for your assistance and advice. Looking forward to your recommendations and insights on navigating this challenge.

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