Impulse / Add filter on List of collections

Impulse / Add filter on List of collections

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Hello the👋

Is there a way to add Filters on the List of Collection page ?

I mean, the page that contains all the collections, to sort them in ascending or descending order for example ?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Aoyama 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


Shopify does not allow collection list filter, but yes we can do with custom filter setup with custom code but you will need a developer to code for you.


Let me know if you need one.



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Shopify has a limit of 50 products per page.

Solutions : Create a collection that has all the products covered.

Use layered Navigation concept( search and discover ) by doing proper data entry and creating collections with similar names.


Question :  the page that contains all the collections  : is this all collections or all products from across all collections.

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Thank you Oscprofessional for your answer 🙂 

I'm talking about the page that contains all the collections 

In my case I have a Page (all the collections) with Artists inside (each artists is a collection)

And I want to add a way to : 

1. filter alphabetically

2. filter according to the type of artist: painter, photographer, ...