In search of an app for inventory management,customers log into & is paid by subscription tier

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I really hope that my topic/subject line makes sense. For some more details of what I am after here's what I have in mind:


  • Customers log in to their profile on my website
  • They can access their purchases like an inventory list, can be sorted searched etc....
  • Customers can subscribe for this service to keep a list of their purchases as inventory, more features would be available the higher the subscription tier. (ie: free plan allows search of purchases, Basic monthly plan offers same as free, but allows capable of sorting and or creating lists, Top Plan allows all previous features mentioned in addition to uploading their own items for inventory management, uploading photos, custom features etc....

I have NO idea where to start with this search and thought if there was one great place to start it would be the forums right? If there is an app that does all of this, or if anyone has any suggestions on where to start looking, maybe I need to do something 10000% custom for this... I have no idea... but I'd like to find some sort of solution for this addition to my business. 


Thanks in advance! 



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