'In Stock Notification' App recommendations

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We're looking for a back in stock notification app. Theres are so many but we do have a list of requirements:


  • Appears on the product page and list pages when an item is out of stock
  • Can be disabled on individual items (for clearance etc where it won't come back into stock)
  • Is variant based, ie. you can request it on a particular variant of a product, like a colour.
  • A notification is sent to us with the customer request, including their email address so we can contact them separately.
  • Automatically emails the customer when the item is back in stock.
  • Does not require integration with a separate email service provider.
  • 'Sell when out of stock' must be able to remain on.

In addition, it would be useful if the email was delayed 1 day to allow for current backorders to be filled when a product comes into stock (which may bring the stock to zero again)


Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in Advance


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Did you ever find an app you like working with that covered all these concerns? I literally have all the same questions and finding that this seems more complicated than it should be 😓