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Incentivized User Submitted Photo/Video App

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Hey all!

I'm looking for an app to do the following:

First I'd send an email to my customer list asking them to take a picture of them with/wearing their product. 

I'd provide a link to go to a landing page or page of sorts for them to upload an image or video of them with the product. 

The would then get a unique discount code for themselves for XX% off their next order. 


I know I could create a page for users to upload a picture, but I'm trying to make things as automated as possible. 


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi - You can create a form using this app where users can upload the image and you will receive it. And they can get automatic discount Code in reply email.




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Hi @Doug24 , are you still looking for a solution for this? 

I'm the founder of an app called Captur and we've built a super easy way to get photos from customers. You can generate a link to share with anyone via email. Clicking on the link takes the customer to a landing page guide of what photos to take and then they can submit them directly. 

All the images are sent to a central database for your entire team to see and then upload on your site.

Would love to offer for you to trial it out. Just shoot me an email to