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i have deleted an option set for some products on my site as it was no longer needed instead adding them to my shopify product.  however they are still showing up on the web page. i have reentered my web page on safari but the option set is still active. i have refreshed a number of times for it to never go away.

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For issues with third party services contact that businesses own support directly.


Label is wrong shopify did not not create the third party app in the title.

To see shopify developed apps see this list 



For issues like this you can try to clear the cache of the browser not just refresh the page.

Or another browser.

You mainly want to confirm that customers do not experience the same issues as your browser.

After that still contact the third party directly.

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Hi @elysiumdesignco,


I understand that you may have your reasons for deleting your option set from your app, but you're still seeing them on your storefront. It's possible that the app added the option set data directly to your product data. Consequently, even though you attempted to delete the option sets from the app, the data related to those option sets on the product side remains and continues to show up.


To resolve this, you might need to export your products to a CSV file and check if it contains any option set data. If it does, you can remove that data and then re-import your products to your website.


Unlike the Infinite Options app, our Easify Product Options app separates the option set data from the product data. This means that if customers no longer want to use the custom options or simply want to temporarily disable them, they can easily disable the option sets in the app without needing to make any changes to the product data 👌.


I don't know why you want to delete your option sets, but if it's because the Infinite Options app doesn't meet your needs, I recommend considering the Easify Product Options app. It offers more features and comes at a more affordable price 🤗.

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