Infinite Option - Datepicker option, block off date and addingcut off time at 1245PM

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I am trying to put together options for our new florist website: 


1. Datepicker has been downloaded. How do we add a cut-off time for same-day delivery at 1245PM each day. How can we add a code for this?


2. At the moment, we have configured that weekends (Sats & Suns) are closed for delivery. However, we have a group of products that are available for weekend deliveries, but they have to be ordered by Friday, 3pm. How can we add a code to this? Possible?


3. How can we unblock an important date that happens to fall on weekend for deliveries? Example Valentine day falls on Sunday. And, we would like to open up delivery for this date.


Thank you.

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Hi @ground,

I have a solution for you to set up your options using the Easify Product Options app. Here's how you can do it 🤗:

1. Create an option set for the product group that is not available for weekend delivery:

  • Add an option for customers to select the type of the Delivery Date - using the Radio Buttons option type. They can choose between "Same-day delivery" or "Select another date".



  • Include a note stating that "Same-day delivery is only available for orders placed before 12:45 PM". You can add this note using the Help Text feature.



  • Add an option for customers to select a specific date after they select the "Select another date" option - using the Date Picker option type & Conditional Logic. Here, you need to set up so that Saturdays and Sundays cannot be selected.



date picker.jpg



  • Optionally, you can add another option for customers to select a specific Delivery Time after choosing the Delivery Date. This can be done using the Time Picker option type.



  • Assign this option set to the relevant products.



If there is a special day falling on a weekend, you can temporarily remove "Saturday" or "Sunday" from the available delivery days in the app settings. After that day, you can add them back as unavailable delivery days.


2. Create an option set for the product group that is available for weekend delivery:

  • The process for this option set is quite similar to the previous one, with 2 differences. You don't need to limit the available days for selection, meaning customers can choose any day, including weekends.
  • Additionally, you should add a note stating that "Orders must be placed by Friday, 3 PM to be eligible for weekend delivery" - using the Help Text.



Here's an example of a florist store that showcases multiple custom options created using the Easify Product Options app. Take a look for reference:



By using the Easify Product Options app, you can quickly solve your delivery requirements without any coding. I recommend giving the app a try 😊!

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