Infinite Product Options - Issue with syncing sales with customisation

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We have been using a combination of Vend and Shopify for almost 6 months. We have noticed an issue where our Shopify sales which include customisation through the app 'Infinite Product Options' are not synced. I have spoken to Vend and they said that Vend cannot automatically sync the sales as it does not recognise the customisation 'products' and therefore ignores the entire sale. 


This is an issue for us as around 1/3 of our sales include customisations.  Has anyone had the same issue and found an alternative fix other than manually entering each online sale into vend. Worried how time consuming this will get!


Many thanks

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Hi there @MattGSAM!


Don here from Shopify. :)


Sorry to hear about the difficulty you have encountered when sending info on these customised products to your third-party Vend software.


We're actually not able to provide support for third-party services like this from here (either for the app in question or for your use of Vend) but I would still recommend that you reach out to the developers of the Infinite Product Options app to let them know what has been happening and the issue you are running into with those products customized by their app and see if they can work with you and Vend to find a solution.


You can get in touch with them by using the contact details listed here on the app store page or you can click 'get support' next to any app in your Apps menu in your admin.


Check with Vend what it is about these products which lead to their not being recognised by Vend software and see if the app developers have any accommodations or workarounds they can suggest. 


Is the customisation of these products something that is central to your business model?


Hopefully, you will all be able to work towards a solution for your store, their app and the external Vend software.


All the best!






Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Curious how or if you resolved this?  Although I don't use Vend, I think the issue is the same.  The app Infinite Product Options is not creating a trackable product for the "optioned product" that customers choose.  My problem is that our pixel event data is not captured by these purchases or adds to the cart.  Therefore, we can't retarget these customers through remarketing adds on Facebook or even "know" who these customers are through our pixel data. Looking desperately for a solution as this represents 30% of our sales as well.  

Bold has indicated via chat that they can do a special install of Bold Product Options that would remove forms and somehow allow the pixel data to be captured.  I am not confident I understand this and haven't tried it yet.