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Influencer Code Referral with Auto Payout

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Is there an app that allows for an online influencer to give out a promo code to shop on our online store and then when that customer does and uses the code the agreed upon commission is automatically transferred to the influence?

Any insight appreciated!


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Hey Grace, auto-payout is tricky because there isn't an integrated way to do that within the Shopify platform. Our recommendation would be to use Stripe for affiliate payouts.

If you'd like to be a free beta tester of our Shopify affiliates app, please just shoot an email to with any relevant details/requirements and any existing affiliate/payout platform you're utilizing.  Thanks!

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You can use an app like Refersion to give payouts to influencers, but you'll have to setup the payment details within the platform. In my experience, paying through Refersion was just a couple of clicks with a Paypal account.


If you're looking to scale up your influencer marketing, you should try the Carro app. It is free to use and helps you identify influencers that have interacted with your brand. 


Good luck!

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Hi there!

Check out the linkr app

linkr will automatically calculate how much commission every influencer gets subject to how often the code has been redeemed which we track and the linkr app also allows you to pay out influencers directly on linkr. If connected with your Shopify store it will automatically create those codes in your shop system where you can further manipulate them if you need it