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Influencer marketing platform suggestions

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Does anyone know which platform was used to make this? Or can suggest similar?



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Hi there,


Check out 

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Beauty Clout is another one to checkout.


It connects your store with the Shopify App and imports your products to make it easy to create campaigns for influencers.

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Have you found a platform that works for you? 

I've developed something similar for a friend who runs a Shopify store:

Acorn Links generates promo codes and sharable links for your influencers. It then monitors for purchases referred and automatically assigns points / rewards them with store discount codes. 

I think it would work well for micro-influencers or customers with larger social media followings. Probably won't work for larger influencers who expect to be paid.

Either way, would love your feedback if you get a chance to take a look.

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In today's times, Influencer Marketing is at an all-time high, and whether it is a small company or a billion-dollar company; everyone is looking forward to Influencer Marketing as the option to increase brand awareness.

With Influencer Marketing growing, there are many platforms that are suiting well this type of marketing like -

1. Instagram - It is the most common and popular platform for Influencer Marketing and most of the social media influencers have started from Instagram only and is continuously growing over the platform.

2. Snapchat - Snapchat is also a great option for Influencer Marketing as it is a youth-centric platform and Influencer Marketing is moreover the game of age.

Other than these 2, there are platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and platforms like Reddit.

If you want help in any kind of digital marketing, then you can contact Propel Guru.

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honestly saying I have no idea abut this platform but I have so many other platforms that I personally use for this type of tasks like you can seehere some good guidance about it and also its very easy to manage and apply.

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As a Shopify Store Owner, the linkr app might help your regarding influencer commission payouts.

You can compensate influencers via sales commissions. And the app also takes automatically care of the payouts which save you a lot of time.