Inquiry on Policy Regarding Custom App for Layaway

Inquiry on Policy Regarding Custom App for Layaway

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Hello Shopify Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm in the process of developing a custom app for Shopify and I have a specific concept in mind that I would like to discuss and get clarity on.

The concept I'm working on is a blend of deferred purchase and pre-payment in installments. The idea is to allow customers to prepay for products in installments, and once the full amount is paid, they would receive the product. This is slightly different from the traditional layaway model and more aligned with a deferred purchase strategy.

I've gone through Shopify's documentation on selling strategies and app extensions ( However, I noticed that layaway programs are listed under prohibited business models in the subscription documentation ( Since my concept is not a standard layaway but rather a unique mix of deferred purchase and installment payments, I wanted to ensure that it aligns with Shopify's policy.

Could anyone provide insights or guidance on whether this model would be compliant with Shopify's policies? Any feedback or direction on how to structure this within the Shopify framework would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to the community's expert insights.

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