Integrate Existing Shopify Storefront into a New, Separate App

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Hi there!


I work with musicians and other creative artists to build apps that help promote them and their events. Many of these musicians have existing Shopify storefronts to sell their branded merchandise, e.g. band t-shirts, gig stickers, etc. A frequent request from a given musician is to integrate their existing Shopify merch shop into the new promotional app that we build for them.


I'm wondering what Shopify's suggested approach for this is? Ideally we'd like to have the band's Shopify merch shop appear as separate tab/page/widget/etc within the app we build for the musician. Is this possible? What tools, SDKs, etc would you suggest for getting this done?


Thanks for any help!


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Hi @richardrauser Recognize your question is VERY vague in terms of knowing what specific features to use.

Broadly for stuff to dig through: Custom storefronts, and or it's additional SDK's , or tangentially sales channels

Storefront api, buy buttons, or permalinks 


There's also sales channels, where it's "your" app/platfrom that presents the merchants products.

Or roundabout it's is the merchants app but they embed a UI part of the sales channel for their app; like an iframe. 


It's a lot of ground to explore, Good Luck.

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