Integrating Checkout Approvals

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My company designs and hosts webstores for our clients, and manages the back end operations/logistics for our clients stores. I have a client looking to integrate an approval flow for large orders in their new company store (employee facing), but I'm not sure how to do this.


They use an expense management software (Concur) with user approver flows already setup and would like to ideally integrate that into checkout (such that an employee checking out can select to either 1. pay with a card or 2. request corporate expense approval, upon which the request would be sent through Concur per that programs approver flow). I believe that Concur has existing integration to pull in Shopify orders, but I'm not sure how to connect it with the cart checkout in this store.


An alternative to directly integrating with Concur would be to add in a simple email approval flow, where when the employee goes to check out as a corporate expense approval request an email is sent to their management/etc., per an active-directory that either is integrated from Google or that we manually build into the store.


The intention is that this approval request creates a draft order that is then (hopefully automatically) converted to a full order once the "payment" (approval) has been received either via Concur or via an email approval...


Does anyone have any experience doing something like this, or any suggestions on how to solve? Thanks in advance. 

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