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Hi all - I'm a Salesforce admin that has inherited a bit of a messy configuration.


Basically, I need a Salesforce action to trigger the creation of a Shopify product, but also push text data into three metafields in the process. My organisation has Zapier installed but it's not offering any joy in terms of the Shopify metafields.


I've hit a bit of a brickwall, as I'm no developer, I've never worked with Shopify before and the word of APIs feels like a bit of a mire.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks!

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Hi Patrick,


Fellow Salesforce Admin here with a software engineering background. Does your organization already have a Zapier integration working between Salesforce and Shopify? I haven't done exactly what you're trying to do, but I have worked with the Shopify API and I'd be happy to put our heads together and help troubleshoot it.  Feel free to private message if you'd like to chat more.

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I don't believe Zapier works with Shopify metafields, but if you're not tied to that product, our Mesa app would be up to the task: 


I recommend hitting the "Request Demo" button so you can get connected with one of our automation experts who can work with you to design a solution and walk you through the steps.

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Were you able to find a solution? If not please let me know and happy to write a workflow that triggers a salesforce action to create a Shopify product.  You can reach us at

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Is this able to do bi-directional?


What's the disadvantage of a bi-directional sync with Salesforce when you have users who log in as guests?


What's the ability to process payments from CRM to Shopify?

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DBSync iPaaS platform has a the solution that you are looking for. DBSync can sync data back and forth between Salesforce and Shopify. Payments can be process in Salesforce and can be updated back to Shopify to flag the Orders as Paid. 

DBSync can also read/write with metafields. The tool has an ability to customize extensively if the API's are exposed from Shopify. 

find out more about the solutions offered by DBSync:

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