Integration Challenge with Shopify App Installation

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We are currently working on an ERP and Inventory management system website and are looking to integrate it with Shopify through an application.

Our recent challenge involves the installation process of the Shopify app. When initiating the app installation by clicking a button within our customer's account in our system, the installation process from the Shopify store does not complete successfully. The crucial issue at hand is that we identify our customer through their subdomain in our system, and when the installation begins from the Shopify store, we are unaware of the required subdomain.

One of Shopify's basic requirements is to install the app and then redirect the merchant to the app's dashboard. However, this is not feasible for us because we need the subdomain for redirection.

In reality, our application aims to synchronize data between our customer's account in our system and their store on Shopify. Therefore, the purpose of the application is to provide the connection between the two systems. The synchronization settings page is located in our system, and we do not want – or need – to add a settings page in the Shopify app.

Has anyone encountered a similar use case? Are there any guidance and tips for us regarding the mentioned issues? Your assistance and insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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