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Integration issue with PickyStory

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**edited as I solved half of the issue**



looking for some help with integrating PickyPorty.


It seems to be causing a bug with the ‘quick add’ buttons on product cards. These worked initially and when clicked would open up the PickyPorty GUI as a quick add to cart option. However it now has stopped working, and the in-house version won’t work now either, I get an error symbol when I press add to cart now on the product card.


anyone has this before? I don’t want to uninstall and re install as will loose all my bundles presumably, which have been a pain to set up…


also this is a little more niche and not as important but would be nice. When selecting which variant when checking out within a bundle, is there a way to link the pickystory small variant image to the main product image on screen? The small thumbnail changes accordingly with the variant but not the main large image on the product page, assuming this would be possible with custom code but wouldn’t know where to start. Some sort of function to update the main product gallery image every time the variant thumbnail image is changed.


thanks in advance!


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