Integration with a courier service. Help welcome.

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I am trying to integrate our courier service with Shopify. I'm still going through the documentation and trying to figure out how to do it. Since I don't have any previous experience with Shopify, any help will be welcome.
This is what we need and how I think we can accomplish it:
  1. Admin page where clientID from our system can be entered (docs )
    1. Q: where to store clientID? In general, how to store some app data?
  2. Add CarierService - it is clear, it calls our server with the origin, destination, and items data and expects rates in the response.
    1. Q: how to send our clientID within the rates request? We agree on different pricing with each client, so we have to know which client requests the rates
    2. Q: Is the Admin page the place to make the API call and create/add our CarierService? Also to remove it if needed.
  3. Webhooks - we need a webhook to notify our system that new order has been created.
    1. Q: Is the Admin page the place to make the API call to create a webhook? Do I need a button that will trigger the action to add a webhook?
  4. Access token - what is the best place to create an access token, and on which event/action? Here is the image I found, but at the end, it says to "capture and store access token", and again it is the same Q as 1.1; where to store app data?
Thank you in advance.
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