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Integration with Personify for SSO

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Hello - 


I have a client that uses Personify (which is .NET) as their CRM to manage their constituents, maintain memberships, etc.  We're building out a Shopify store for their online bookstore, but they'd like to integrate their membership information from their main site, as well as membership info and sign-in (all managed through Personify) onto their ecommerce platform.  

Has anyone been successful in doing such an integration?  I'm not even sure where to start.  Personify wants to pass a token via the URL and I'm not sure how to get shopify to invest that (or if shopify even can).  We're willing to discuss a bespoke development as well. 

Thanks for all your help.



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Hi, Im looking for a similar solution but for WP. 


Anyhow, any SSO integration from Personify360 for any CMS / ecommerce or php built system would be great.