Interesting questions about Shopify's 'Form' App

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Can we use Shopify Form to be come-out as a Pop-up instead of being static on any side of the page, unless a visitor clicks on it?

Next question- Inside the 'Form builder' under the Behaviour section it says Trigger after "1st-page view" So, does this means that the form will only trigger on the visitor's first-page view, and if we left the website and didn't fill the form, and after some days the visitor re-visited the website, will the form be there or not??


And, let's say my marketing automation flows(abandon check-out, abandon cart, browse abandonment, etc) are set up in Shopify. So, will that flows will work only if the visitors have signed up using the Shopify form,


the flows will work for all the visitors visiting the website and taking actions(which triggers the different flows) without filling the sign up form?


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