Introducing affordable demand forecasting and replenishment recommendation app powered by AI

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Hello Shopify merchants,


Are you tired of wrong demand forecasting, stock-outs or oversupply?

Do you want to optimise your inventory management, ship faster and increase your profits?


We got you covered!

We have developed a Shopify app for demand forecasting and replenishment recommendation based on Artificial intelligence (AI)

Our app is designed to transform the way you manage inventory, boost sales, and eliminate stock-related headaches.

Our team does not support the idea of one-size-fits-all solutions. We know that each client is different, has different items, sales volumes and suppliers.

Therefore we carefully select the Machine learning (ML) algorithms that perform best on your data and craft the models that would optimise your inventory the most.


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Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards

Your KGIntelligence team

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