Introducing: Subscriptions in Shopify Checkout!

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I'm very excited to announced that as of earlier today the new version of Bold Subscriptions integrates seamlessly with Shopify's native checkout 🎉🎉

This means a seamless checkout whether it's a one-time or subscription order, or EVEN if it's both at the same time! 

Our new Bold Subscriptions app is built for enterprise and designed as "developer first" with full API's, webhooks, and all the tools you need to built a completely custom subscription experience on your store. With that said though, it also works seamlessly out of the box, so anyone can use it! 

I made this walk-through video to show it it works in the new Shopify Checkout. If anyone has questions, I'm happy to help! 

Announcement post is here, and Depending on when you're reading this, you may also be able to install it FREE for 60 DAYS, as part of our announcement promotion 🙌
Here's where you can do that - Learn more about Bold Subscriptions  


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Hi! Do you guys still offer subscription for the "buy button"? If yes how does it work? Thanks!