Introducing WebVitality: Your Lens into Real-World User Experience

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Hello Shopify Community,


We're excited to introduce WebVitality, a new tool tailored for Shopify merchants to gain insights into how real visitors interact with your store. Unlike lab tests and Chrome User Experience data, WebVitality emphasizes on Real User Metrics reflecting the actual user experience, as recommended by Google.


Here's a simple breakdown:


  1. Core Web Vitals: These are critical metrics by Google, encapsulating Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which provide a lens into your site’s performance from a real-world perspective.

  2. Field Data Vs Lab Data: While lab data and Chrome User Experience data are useful, they don't represent the real user experience. Field data, collected from actual user interactions, is the gold standard as it provides authentic insights into how your site performs in the wild, aligning with Google's emphasis on such real-world data​.

  3. Why WebVitality?: It’s the first app on Shopify offering insights into Real User Metrics for Core Web Vitals. With a generous free plan accommodating up to 10,000 views per month, it’s a risk-free opportunity for you to delve into these crucial metrics, improve your site's performance, and elevate the user experience.

  4. SEO and Traffic Benefits: Better performance often leads to better SEO rankings and increased traffic. As your traffic grows, transitioning to a paid plan is a win-win, ensuring you continue to have the insights necessary for ongoing optimization.

Ready to see how your store stacks up in the real world? Install WebVitality and embark on a journey toward superior user experience and SEO success.




Feel free to share your experiences and insights as you explore WebVitality. Here’s to a more insightful and user-centric Shopify community!

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