Inventory Accurate BYO Kits, Fixed Kits, and Upsell Bundles

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We sell tinctures, creams, gummies, etc. and want to be able to stay inventory accurate within Shopify (avoiding unnecessary shopify product variants or weird workarounds) as we create product kits and upsell bundles. We don't need to sync inventory with any other platforms—just within Shopify. None of our products themselves need variants like clothing items would need different sizes. Each product is just the one product and nothing about it can be changed. If you can help me, I will write an incredible review for your app and share this incredibly rare find with everyone I've ever met.

See our shop here: 


First off, according to my understanding, there's a difference between a "kit" vs. a "bundle"..

"Kit": A collection of products that is sold as a kit that shows up like it's its own product inside our shop. This could be a customizable "build your own" kit (with drop-downs) or a fixed kit that doesn't allow any choices. It provides customers a way to buy a bunch of related products at a discount compared to buying them all separately and spending more money.

"Bundle": Customers can "bundle" on another product or two onto the singular they were intending to buy, for a discount. It's basically just an upsell but using the word bundle instead.


Note: I don't know why apps say bundle vs. kit vs. upsell when they often seem to be used interchangeably. Maybe someone can help and explain that to me if I'm wrong.


I need to be able to create BYO and fixed kits, AND upsell bundles while remaining inventory accurate within Shopify only. This is what I'm looking for in a BYO + Fixed Product Kit & Upsell Bundler app:


1. BYO Kits: We sell build-your-own product kits of existing products (NO VARIANTS) with drop downs for each item type in the kit and it shows up as its own product in our store. We need it to fulfill accurately with just our shopify inventory (no other inventory platforms need to be synced) and have it line-item out each individual product in the bundle for fulfillment. (We're currently using Infinite Options, which does this great, but it's NOT inventory accurate which is a deal breaker.) See our current, though not inventory-accurate, BYO Kits here:


2. Fixed Kits: A product kit made up of existing products (NO VARIANTS) that also fulfills it accurately with our inventory and line-items out each product in the bundle for fulfillment. (Bundle Kit does this perfectly, but can't do BYOB or upsell bundles)


3. Product Bundles: This basically just shows up as an upsell on a single product page, allowing customers to "bundle and save" if they add a certain product to their cart. We are using "Bundler" app on this page bottom right to accomplish this and it's inventory accurate: 


I've been researching this for months so please don't just copy and paste your app's description as a reply here—that's a waste for us both. If your app can actually do at least 2 of the 3 things listed above while remaining inventory accurate within Shopify (no other platforms need to be synced), please let me know! Thank you in advance! I'll include more examples below in case that helps.



All of these examples are scenarios we need to implement while remaining inventory accurate within Shopify:


Example 1: Build Your Own Kit

This would allow our customers to choose 1 Recovery Cream (3 options), 1 Tincture (10 options), 1 Roll-On (1 option), 1 Bath Soak (1 option) for a cheaper price than ordering them individually (using a compare price). This BYO Kit would show up as a single product in our store. This would show up for fulfillment as individual line items and automatically update our inventory accurately.


Example 2: Fixed Kit

This would be a fixed kit that combines our Lemon Tincture, Orange Tincture, and Bath Soak into one product listing in our store without other selection options (also using a discount compare price to ordering the products individually). This would show up for fulfillment as individual line items and automatically update our inventory accurately.


Example 3: A customer wants to buy our Recovery Cream, and we provide an upsell bundle opportunity for them to add on a Roll-On at a discounted price. This would show up for fulfillment as individual line items and automatically update our inventory accurately.

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Following - I need this same functionality! Did you find any answers on another thread?  Thanks 🙂