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i have an Onlinestore and also using Shopify Pos in my Store. I am looking for an App where i can manage my inventory and my restocking orders. what i would like to have is on the one hand that in the backend i can mark a product which is sold out as reordered. so that all my employes know that i ordered it and it will be soon retsocked. also for me to have the overlook what i ordered and what is still open to reorder. of course a reminder if the product is nearly sold out to make the order on time with shipping time included would also be great.

We are selling more in our "real" shop ... so the pos sales shouls also be tracked by the app and give us reminders for ordering that we are never out of stock of our top sellers

do someone has a tipp for me ?

thanks in advance

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There are a number of restock alert apps that can probably help you manage low stock alerts. For our clients we run automated restock reports that get emailed a list each day of items that have fallen below a restock level.

In terms of showing stock on order it really depends on where you want to view this and the purpose for staff to see it. How do you currently mange your purchase orders?



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I had same problem like you in the past but then someone suggested me an app i.e. Shopify Delivery Date Manager. That completely solved my all the problems forever. 

I am not sure if this app will solve your problem or not but you can give it a try atleast. 

Hope this helps!

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