Inventory Management App?

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Not even sure if this exists and I've tried a bunch of inventory apps already and maybe I just don't know how to use them correctly. But here is my issues. I sell fabric. I sell in yard cuts and fat half cuts. A fat half is essentially a half yard just cut the opposite direction (horizontally instead of vertically) than a half yard. My issues is that I buy the fabric in bolts. So if I buy a 10 yard bolt of fabric and sell a yard I now have 9 yards left in inventory. If I then sell a fat half I now have 8.5 yards left in stock. Is there any way to track this? 

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Hey @Laura_Kostka  -- I'm actually working on a product that helps organizing and facilitating inventory management, with specific features for produced goods.  I'd love to learn about the specific painpoints you are experiencing and if the solution I'm building can help out.  Want to shoot me an email at gary[at]

Looking forward to it!