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Hi there

We sell products whereby we purchase a variety of products from wholesalers, arrange at our facility and sell online that way. Tracking the inventory of these 'finished' products is easy and seamless through Shopify but as these 'finished' items are essentially made up of a number of other products from wholesale, does anyone have advice on how to track the wholesale items too?

Example - product A is sold on our site but is made up of products B, C and D. The wholesaler of product B (for example) may sell a quantity of this product as 1 but we only use half of this quantity in our product A sold. As our 'finished' products sell through Shopify, I need a way to track the levels of the component parts - products B, C and D in this example.

Thanks in advance for your insight guys.


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Hey, @johnlyon33 

A connected inventory app is going to solve this need for you. A connected inventory app is going to allow you to connect the inventory of products to the sale of another product. For example, let's say you were selling a camera kit. And inside that camera kit there was a camera, 2 lenses, and a tripod. When the customer buys the kit it's going to reduce the inventory quantity of the camera by 1, lenses by 2, and tripod by 1.

A good app that can accomplish this is called Connected Inventory by InsCoder Limited. They offer a 7-day free trial and then a monthly plan at $9.99/mo. 

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Dirk

Thank you for your response. Having a quick browse and I don't find many other obvious options around apps other than the suggestion you gave. Sorry to be a pain but could you suggest some others?

I've learnt its best to have options if possible!


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Hi John,

In your original post, you mentioned that the finished product is a bundle that contains a fraction of product A, 1 unit of B, C and D. If my understanding is correct, you would like to track inventory levels for B, C and D so if you sell 1 bundle, the products B, C and D will automatically decrease their stock levels, is this correct? 

If the above is correct then you might want to take a look at an inventory management app such as Stock&Buy (here is how the bundles work in this app)

I hope this helps.


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Hey @johnlyon33  -- I'm actually working on a product that helps organizing and facilitating inventory management, with specific features for produced goods.  I'd love to learn about the specific painpoints you are experiencing and if the solution I'm building can help out.  Want to shoot me an email at gary[at] 

Looking forward to it!