iOS Webview Shopify Login Returns 422 Error

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Hello, Shopify Developer Community,

We're currently facing a challenge with integrating our mobile app, specifically within an embedded iOS WebView, with Shopify's OAuth authentication process. The issue arises due to the authentication flow requiring pop-up redirections, which are not fully compatible with the iOS WebView environment.

After conducting some debugging, we've identified two potential solutions:

  1. Request Shopify to make adjustments to their OAuth interaction process to improve compatibility with iOS WebView. This solution would offer a better user experience.

  2. As a temporary workaround, direct users to authenticate and connect their store via the mobile browser instead of within the app, and then return to the app.

We believe the first option would provide a better user experience. Would appreciate any help and would be happy to provide any additional details required to debug this problem, as I believe other apps connected to Shopify face the same problems too. Thank you!

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