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Is it possible to automatically pay an affiliate for sales?

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Hi, I have client who wants to do something I'm not sure is possible. It's unusual enough that I'm not quite sure how to search for it, but here's what it is in a nutshell:


My client runs an iOS application that acts as a sort of catalog for products from various brands. Many of these brands use Shopify for their online stores. He wants to allow his brands to essentially grant him permission to make sales via iOS in his application, though the brand's own Shopify store.


Basically, if I'm using the app and see a pair of jeans from Brand A, I could click to buy with Apple Pay and it'd just work. Next, I see a pair of sunglasses from Brand B, I can do the same thing, even though the transaction is through a different Shopify store.


We think we know how to do the above, though it would require the brands to jump through some hoops to generate an access key and CSR, and my client's app would need to be rebuilt and published to the app store each time a brand joined. 


Now, the problem I'm trying to see if we can solve is this: My partner wants to somehow automatically take a percentage of the sale through his app and route it to him, somehow. So, let's say those jeans cost $100, maybe he takes $2 from that transaction and the rest goes to Brand B. The key part is that he wants this to happen automatically and without any involvement from the partner brand. He doesn't want to invoice the brand, he doesn't want to do anything manual. He'd like for the process to be entirely automated. 


I haven't been able to find anything in the Shopify documents that suggest that this is possible, but it does sound like an affiliate program. I think there are some third parties that may do something like this with Shopify, but I'm not sure. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how this might be accomplished? I'd really appreciate any input at all.



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