Is it possible to display volume discount prices on collection pages?

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Im seeing if it is possible as standard or via an app or bespoke code written for our collection pages.


We currently are looking at volume discount structure on our site (Quantity X app). This shows on the product page however it does not change the price on the collection page.


Price is £100
Volume discounts:
10+ = 10%
20+ = 30%
30+ = 50%


So the cheapest you can get this for is £50. We would want the collection page to show from £50

Is this possible?


Open to other apps or any suggestions to get this working.

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@StevenReid Yes, it's possible to achieve volume discounts on collection pages. You can either customize your theme to display discounted prices based on quantity or explore Shopify apps that offer this feature. For custom code, you may need a developer to modify your liquid theme. Alternatively, apps like "Quantity X" or "Bold Discounts" can help implement and display volume discounts on collection pages. Evaluate the options based on your preferences and coding expertise.

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Thank you, with the Qty X app I couldnt find the feature to be able to have the collection page show a from price. See attached image, they only show the Item price.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 220824.png