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Is it safe to uninstall the Google Shopping app?

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A few weeks ago I installed the Google Shopping App built by Shopify.  It hasn't been working and neither Shopify support (who are usually very good, but sadly not in this case) nor Google support has been able to help me get it working.  So I guess I want to uninstall it.  But I don't know what it will rip out if I do that.  Does anybody know if it's safe to do that with this app, or has it caused anybody problems?

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I think I should add a bit more info.  In the process of trying to make the app work, I tried to find the code in my liquid files.  There were no snippets or templates for it that I could find, so it looks like the app code is embedded in the regular shop files.  If I'm wrong about that, I'd be happy to be pointed at where the app files are. 

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Hey @Sharon15,


The problems you’ll face by uninstalling the app:

  • The conversion tracking codes will no longer work for you (on AdWords)

The possible reasons for the app not performing well:

  • Duplicacy of the google ad codes and google analytics code (if someone has manually set-up the Adwords code or analytics code, it creates one automatically)
  • Any major or minor feed issue, or may take more than usual days to process the feed.
  • Since the Google shopping app takes the store’s currency and language as the default currency and the feed language while you setup the app into Shopify (at the time of linking Merchant Center and the app). For eg: if store currency is in Euros, and your business is of Greece, but your target country is the U.S, then you won't be able to select the US as your target country since it will show only those countries who are using that language. I hope it makes sense!

However, these are some of the common problems you might be facing with the Google Shopping app. Also, it would be really helpful if you could mention the problem what exactly are you facing? Only then it would be more appropriate to decide whether to delete the app or not!


I have seen many merchants facing issues related to the Google Shopping app.

And also according to many merchants, the Google Shopping app seems not to be supported by Shopify (that well) also. Means, there are times that even they are not able to convey the exact solution.


I would recommend you to switch to another app i.e Google Express Integration which integrates well with your Shopify store. 

Also, it is one of the renowned apps which lets you sell across multiple Google platforms like Google Shopping, Google Assistant, Google Express Marketplace, etc via a single interface. Being Official Google Shopping Actions partners we take care of all the issues, if any occurs, we contact the Google Support team on an instant basis and provides 24*7 support to our clients.


Why should you go with the Google Express Integration app?


  1. Google Express app enables the seller to integrate products, orders, and inventory and more across all Google platforms.
  2. The app eases the process with the bulk upload of products and saves you from the manual efforts.
  3. The app provides compatibility to your products to be shipped through the 3p logistics app. The app integrates well with the ShipWork, ShipStation, ShipWire for the trouble-free shipping of your orders. 
  4. Affordable pricing plans.

     Give it a shot!

     Hope it helps 🙂

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You recommended th Google Express shopping app. if i get this app, should i remove th other google apps

from my shopify apps and Selling channels?

also, same question applies to Ebay integration app, Walmart  and amazon.