Is remix template the future for shopify app development?

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Hi All,

I have been using shopify version 3.46.1 since 2-3 months. This version uses a express-react template and i have started development using this template.

We are about to complete the app and will submit in a few weeks. But the latest version 3.48.0 uses a remix template and have no way of using any other template. We can't even do a POC in a newly created shopify app as it uses remix and we have our codes in sync with express-react template.

What am i suppose to do with my development in the express template? Is remix template the way to go in shopify app development from now on? Should we again start from scratch using remix or we can go ahead with our express-react codes for submission? which is better in long term? Because if something gets deprecated in express template in the near future, should we again start from scratch? 

Kindly share some insights..

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I'm having the same problem, can a Shopify developer confirm that for me. I can't do anything in my express template now