Is that limited the option values in each option set in Globo Product Options, Variant app?

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I use Globo Product Options, Variant app for the first time in my store and the bellow condition is occured.

I just create the first option set and i add the multiple option value in each element of that first option set. But i reach 49th option value, i can not add more option value in that option set. There is no information for that limitation of option value in App Documentation.

Here is my needs....

I want to add unlimited option value in one option set. But if it's not impossible, i want to connect each option sets. As example, i want to connect with conditional logic for first option set and second option set.

How can i??

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Hi @Ks_t,

I'd like to suggest the Easify Product Options app as an alternative. This app offers the convenience of creating an unlimited number of option values within each option 🤗. Given your extensive list of option values, you can take advantage of the Bulk Add feature. Don't forget to save your progress regularly at each step to ensure a smooth experience.


Additionally, the app provides some exclusive option types designed to handle options with a multitude of values, such as the Product List feature. This feature neatly organizes all your option values in a popup, enhancing the overall appearance of your page 👌.









The Easify Product Options app offers a remarkable selection of 26 different option display types. This wide variety sets it apart from other product options apps, making it a comprehensive choice for your needs.


If you have any problems when setting up your options, just let me know or reach out to Easify team via in-app live chat 😊.

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thank you.

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Is there any solution for that???