Is there a cart app. that makes your shopping cart like Amazon's?

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Are there any apps out there that make your Shopify shopping cart just like Amazon's design?  The wish-list apps that are out there are too separate from the regular cart and don't offer the ease of use.  Basically, I'd like to see the cart at the top, with the option to save for later, move to cart, delete.  The save for later would put it down below the cart to reference later.  Just look at the mobile version of Amazon's cart.  Also, in the "back end" it would be very useful to data mine what people have in their "save for later."  It would help with promotions and forecasting demand.  What I don't want to see is a separate button to get to this functionality.  It should just be the regular Shopify cart with all the great functionality of Amazon's design. 


Call out to app developers.  If you can create this, assuming it doesn't already exist, you'd make a fortune! 

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Hi @Dan_West ,


I cannot give you an app who makes the same design than the Amazon cart but I have develop an app to make the cart persistent for days and sync on all the device the customer will be used. Just like Amazon's carts.


If you are interested, you can check the link of my app here.

Best regards,


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- Cross Device Cart, sync your customer's cart across multiple device seamlessly.
- BrandCraft, give you all the keys to edit your checkout page, only for Shopify Plus with the Checkout Extensibility.
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Thanks Clement!  I'll take a look.