Is there a filter app that sorts products by tags on Shopify?

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I'm looking for a Filter app which can filter on tags, it must curate which tags is relevant for each filter since I need multiple filters based on tags (either through a manual selection or pre/suffix automation).

The requirement is: It must not replace my collection view or be compatible out of the box with the Xclusive theme.

I'm also open for another way of doing this with Shopify. My burning need is I have multiple and different colors in the same product (it is Art/paintings), customers must be able to filter on colors. I have 30+ variants/combinations however the color is the same for all variants.

As far as I know it is not possible with S&D app and not a native feature in Shopify.
So far this is the most difficult thing I've yet tried to achieve in Shopify.
So surprised how this cannot be an easy task.

Very thankful for any insight that meet my requirements.

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Certainly! Addressing your need for a filter app to handle color-based filtering for Shopify, considering your requirements:

1. Filter App Recommendations:
- For manual selection: You can consider the "Product Filter & Search" app, which allows manual tag curation for each filter.
- For pre/suffix automation: "Smart Product Filter & Search" offers advanced automation features.

2. Compatibility with Xclusive Theme:
- Ensure compatibility with the Xclusive theme before installation to avoid conflicts. These apps generally provide documentation on theme compatibility.

3. Alternative Approach:
- Consider leveraging Shopify Metafields for color data if you're open to alternatives. This requires some development work but can offer a customized solution.

4. Challenge with S&D App and Native Features:
- Unfortunately, the default Shopify features and some third-party apps may not cover your specific color-filtering needs due to the structure of your product variants.

5. Difficulty in Achieving Color Filtering:
- It's common for certain niche requirements to pose challenges. Shopify's flexibility sometimes requires custom solutions, like the Metafields approach.

In summary, exploring the suggested apps and considering the Metafields approach may provide the necessary flexibility. Always test any app in a staging environment before implementing it on your live store. If you opt for development, ensure it aligns with your theme's structure. If you have any more details, feel free to share them for a more tailored response.

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Thanks for your reply.
Replacing my collection view is so bad, that even with support for Xclusive it would be the absolute last option. If its that or not launching on Shopify then well I'd have to.

Metafields approach is almost not applicable without custom coding/custom app. Since it cannot hold more than one value.

Even with one variant, if the product has multiple colors and you need to filter on it - It becomes very hard if not even impossible without replacing your collection-view or custom coding/app.